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Welcome to visit us at Slottsskogsgatan 13!

ūüź£ Closed 10th -11th of April ūüź£

Attention: Only open for lendings and returns. The play area is temporary closed due to Corona¬† To make a loan, please make a reservation in advance. Sign in by clicking “to the toys” and then “logga in”. If you are a new member, please send us an e-mail!


Tue, wed & thur: 2pm-5pm
Fridays 10am-5pm
Saturday 9am-3pm

And this is what we do at
The Toy Library!

Short and sweet

The Toy Library offers non-toxic, fair and equal play for all.

A cleaner environment

We want to encourage and cheer on sustainable consumption at the same time as we decrease our waste. 

A healthier play

Everybody should have the opportunity to play with ecological toys and avoid toxins and chemicals. Between every loan we clean the toys with ecological detergents.

Upwards and onwards together

We want everyone to have a safe and fun place to get together at. What toys do you think we should buy? Email us: 

In average children have 536 toys each…. But how many are actually used?

Source: The study Det massiva barnrummet

By borrowing instead of buying we can save both space and money. It also gives the opportunity to try a toy before buying it. Maybe the toy was only fun the first few days? Maybe your child was only interested in the packaging string?

Avoid those unnecessary purchases and try the toys available at the toy library to experiment! By borrowing instead of buying we also teach ourselves and the children, in a practical way, to reduce our carbon footprint through sharing instead of constantly buying new things.


Do you have toys or baby gear you no longer need but could make someone else happy?

The Toy Library gratefully accepts toys and baby gear, like baby nests, baby gyms, ergonomic baby carriers strollers and other things. We also accept pottering material! Whole, clean and non-toxic.

Avoid plastics older than from 2013

Figuratively speaking
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This is us!

Anna Zajc

Founder and project manager at the Toy Library
Happily talks to journalists

Why a Toy Library?
Through a toy library children have enhanced possibilities to experiment their way towards new games and interests at the same time as the economic burden on parents lessens and the home will not be over crowded with gear. Toy Libraries exist in other parts of the world ‚Äď of course there should be one in Sweden as well!

Favourite toy?
A favourite toy as a child were my lego figures that looked like animals (the were called ‚ÄúFabuland‚ÄĚ). I loved to build houses and villages where they were going to live. It‚Äôs a bummer they don‚Äôt produce them anymore ‚ėĻ Another favourite was my bike! I used to pretend it was a horse. There was an older girl in my neighbourhood that went to a horse riding school and she thought me and the other younger kids everything about horseback riding and how we should look after our horses (bikes).

What are your hopes with the Toy Library?
I am super happy that the idea of a toy library became a reality. Hopefully, at the Toy Library we will create a sense of community and participation ‚Äď that the children and their parents feel that this is our place! I also hope that the concept of a toy library will spread to other districts in Gothenburg and also other cities in Sweden.

Lina Wellman

Business developer at The Toy Library
Will be reached at:

Why a Toy Library?
A toy library is both important and natural today as we need to realize that the earth’s resources are finite. We need to readjust our habits of consumption but also think about our fellow human beings. To borrow and share can help us save lives.

Your first toy?
My first toy was a teddy bear. Nalle (teddy) was the name of the teddy. We’ve had many fun moments together and we have shared both joy and sorrow. One time, for example, we were camping with the cub scouts. We have had a live-apart relationship for a while but now we are back to living together. I am really happy and proud to be a part in developing the first toy library in Sweden. I hope the concept will spread and that it gives many children and parents joy! See you!

Visit The Toy Library!

Address Slottsskogsgatan 13, Gothenburg
Phone +46(0)722-985 868 Email

Tue, wed & thur: 2pm – 5pm
Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm

The toy library is funded by Arvsfonden and Sharing Cities Sweden, which are part of Viable Cities, a Swedish innovation program for smart cities financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

The toy library is run by Majornas Samverkansförening in collaboration with the tenant association Västra Göteborg, Ecological district Majorna 2.0, Studiefrämjandet, The City of Gothenburg and Familjebostäder and is part of the project Sharing City Göteborg.