Guidelines on how to borrow 


  • Memberships are valid for 365 days starting with the day it is signed.


  • The membership is tied to an adult, but is valid for the whole family. You can add additional adult members that are allowed to borrow. However the responsibility lies with the adult member that have signed the membership.


  • The cost is the same regardless of how many children you have.


  • We need to see ID when signing new memberships.

These are our different kinds of memberships; 

  • Paid Membership
    Costs SEK 300-500 (you decide).
    Paid at the signing of the membership.
    We accept Swish: 1236265524.

  • Involvement membership
    The member commits to be involved in the Toy Library during the year that the memberships is valid. Involvement could be; staffing,  put up posters, to help us during an event, contribute with your skills or arranging your own events. The Toy Library will inform you via email when help is needed.
    If you have not performed your involvement when the membership is about to expire, you pay the fee instead.


  • Visitors’ membership
    Are you visiting Gothenburg? Do you want to avoid packing those clunky toys in the bags? We have a solution! From now on you can sign up for a “visitors’ membership” Borrow 2 toys and/or 2 baby gears per child for SEK 100 for 1 week.
    You pay by SEK or Swish

The toys/baby gears are to be borrowed and returned at the Toy Library.
Also the memberships are to be issued at the Toy Library.
We will need identification papers when a membership is issued (passport or other valid papers of identification), address to where you are staying and a working phone number to the person signing up for the membership. We need you to return the items in a good, intact and clean shape. If you have trouble getting here when return is due, contact us as soon as possible at and we will try to solve the problem together!


When borrowing we need to see membership card or identification papers.

The borrower is responsible for the using of the toys in a safe way ie; the way they are supposed to be used in. If nothing else is indicated, the toys are to be used inside and always stored inside. The Toy Library will not be liable for personal injuries.

You can borrow 2 articles/child. For example, if you have 2 children you can borrow 4 items. The borrower is responsible for the return of the items in time.

The items are divided into 3 categories. The maximum amount of time to borrow each article is:

  • Toys: 4 weeks (unless it is a visitors’ membership)
  • Baby -/childrens’ gear: 4 weeks (unless it is a visitors’ membership)
  • Party-pack: 1 week


If you want to reserve an article please contact us at:

Extend loans

If there was a favourite toy in the loan you can extend it! If there already is a que/reservation you might have to wait a bit though.. Check with us BEFORE the loan is due to be returned.


The borrower is responsible for the toys being cleaned before returning them to us. You can see our “cleaning guide” at:

Late loans

We want to trust everyone! We believe that all our members think of the next borrower and that he or she can be the next borrower. We will not charge any fee for single delays or losses, however if the behavior is repeated we will charge a fee. This are the rules: 

  • Delays
    Contact us if you are not able to return your loan when it is due to be returned. We address the importance of communication/contact with us. When there is extreme delay we will be obligated to consider taking out a fee as well as deny further loans at the Toy Library. If the item/items are not returned we will have to contact the police since this is considered as theft.
  • Damage and missing parts
    The borrower is responsible to notify us when the borrowed items are damaged or have missing parts when returned to us. When repeatedly returning damaged items the Toy Library has the right to charge a fee equivalent to the current market price of the item (as new).
  • Losses
    Toys can disappear. We will need to get information about that. When toys are repeatedly lost the Toy Library will charge a fee equivalent to the current market price of the item (as new) and also deny any further borrowing at the Toy Library.